Sivan Padayachy

Leadership and Team coach and facilitator

I create a trusting, safe and inspirational space where my clients can do their best thinking and unleash their potential and explore possibilities. I hold up a mirror to my clients to take a critical look at what belief systems, assumptions and worldviews they have that might be holding them back from achieving their goals. As a thinking and accountability partner, I assist my clients create and implement practices and behaviors that move them towards achieving their goals.

Sivan has 19 years of Multinational Corporate Experience, and has worked as an HR Executive across 15 African Countries. As a coach she has worked in the Education, Media, Finance, Packaging, Insurance, Consulting and Mining industries. Sivan works with leaders across all levels helping them define their personal leadership brand to lead in a conscious, authentic and agile way. She also works with leaders and teams to create inclusive cultures, build trust, engage in honest conversations towards high impact and effective business results.

Sivan uses Ken Wilber’s integral coaching framework as the basis of her coaching approach and then integrates this using a variety of models: GROW, Co-active coaching model, Kolb’s learning model, Ontological Coaching and Leadership Theory, Adult Learning, Enneagram personality and team profiling, Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment and Organizational relationship systems coaching (ORSC). Sivan works independently and as an associate to professional companies.

Bachelor of Pedagogics Degree (University of KZN), Human Resource Management and Training Diploma (Varsity College), Media Management Diploma, (University of Stellenbosch), HRD Honours Degree (University of Johannesburg), Associate Coaching Certificate (Centre for Coaching- UCT Business school) Post-Graduate Coaching Diploma (TCC – The Coaching Centre), Certified Enneagram practitioner- Enneagram level 1 & 2, Organisation relationship systems coach (ORSC), Nancy Kline – The Thinking Environment, ACC ICF Credentialed coach

Working with personal-mastery and knowing that all change starts with an understanding of self, Sivan uses the Enneagram as a tool for insight and
awareness. She finds herself drawn to next level leadership – leaders navigating the challenges in transitioning from one level of leadership to the next. She enjoys working with leaders who grapple with the challenges of Diversity and Inclusion. Her systemic approach and the use of ORSC
(Organisation Relationship Systems Coaching) tools allows her to work with leaders and teams to equip them to have the real and difficult
conversations, deal with conflict as a healthy catalyst for change, break down silos and reduce toxic communication. This results in building trust,
creating a shared leadership culture and building great teams.


“Sivan has this unbelievable capability to ensure that the focus remains on the end goal whenever I am in a session with her. I might digress but she
has the knack to always bring the conversation back to the goal that we are looking to achieve. She is easy to confide in and the conversations flow
effortlessly. It still blows me away when the realization hits me that I have just unlocked something in myself with her help.” Gauteng Senior Sales
Manager – Packaging company

“Sivan asked good, thoughtful, relevant questions provoking the necessary thinking, inspiring creative ideas and changed behavior. I felt I was
heard. I was assisted in exploring goals I could effectively plan accordingly and was held accountable at all times for the actions required to support
these goals. I was made aware of the maximum potential accessible to me” Senior Finance Manager – Production Industry

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