Book Review: Business Coaching International: Transforming Individuals and Organisations

‘This is an extraordinarily thorough book. It covers a great range of practical guidance on matters that will concern the new coach [and] addresses a range of approaches to coaching while remaining firmly embedded in an experiential learning tradition.’

– David Megginson, Professor of Human Resource Development, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Reviews and Endorsements:

‘This book is an important milestone in the coaching literature. Coaching has long needed a comprehensive guide and reference book, and now it has one.’
– Sir John Whitmore PhD, author of Coaching for Performance

‘I am struck by the incredible generosity of this book . a rich and thorough blend of theoretical understanding and practical wisdom, delivered in a way that is highly accessible and of considerable value to experienced and inexperienced business coaches alike. It is a very welcome addition to my library!’
– Gordon Spence PhD MAPS, leading Australian coaching psychologist and lecturer in the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney

‘The world of business coaching can rejoice – the book we have been wanting and needing is here. This book harnesses the vast and complex world of excellence in coaching and offers it to us digestibly, delectably and with impressively accessible scholarship.’
– Nancy Kline, President of Time To Think, Inc., and author of Time To Think: Listening To Ignite The Human Mind and More Time To Think: A Way Of Being In The World

1. About This Book
2. The Business Coaching Process
3. The Coaching Conversation
4. Working With Question Frameworks
5. Exploring and Understanding Coaching Models
6. Diversity, Culture and Gender
7. Existential and Experiential Learning Issues
8. Supervision, Contracting and Ethical Concerns
9. Developing a Body of Knowledge – Coaching Research
10. Integration and Synthesis

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