Book Review: Leadership Development Survey 2013

Leadership Development Survey Report 2013
Leadership Development Survey Report 2013

This comprehensive survey was conducted in collaboration with Knowledge Resources and Natalie Cunningham, Origo Consulting.

More than 150 organisations participating with a total workforce of over 2.7 million covering all the major industries and economic sectors of the economy. It is a very comprehensive analysis of all the various leadership development practices and approaches currently used.

The report covers amongst other the following:

  1. Background to study and respondents
  2. Description and definition of leadership within organisations
  3. Who is targeted for Leadership Development Programmes
  4. Current approaches to leadership development
  5. Current content/knowledge areas in Leadership Development Programmes
  6. Future content preferences for Leadership Development
  7. Supplier preferences
  8. Challenges and obstacles to overcome in delivering Leadership Development Programmes
  9. Evaluation process
  10. Effectiveness of current Leadership Development Programmes
  11. Size of budgets
  12. Number of people developed
  13. Average duration of Leadership Development Programmes
  14. Most admired companies for their Leadership Development approaches

Read Sunny’s Executive Summary: Leadership Development Survey 2013_Executive Summary[5]

To order your copy, follow this link.


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