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Coaching 2020 and what to do to prepare for it: An International Perspective

This interview appeared in SA Coaching News (Vol. 1 Issue 1: January 2019) As one of the global leaders and pioneers in the coaching profession both globally and in South Africa, we are privileged to bring you an interview with the founding President of the largest professional coaching body in South Africa.  We asked Dr […]

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Coaching Research: a review of progress internationally since 2008

Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron and Dr Lew Stern, senior advisor at the Institute of Coaching (Harvard McLean Medical School Affiliate) conducted an extensive and exhaustive survey of all research done internationally in the field of coaching. In 2008, 100 topics/proposal for research were identified by the International Coaching Research Forum after the Global Coaching Convention held […]

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Contracting Service for Success

This article is adapted from Sunny Stout Rostron’s new book, Business Coaching Wisdom and Practice: Unlocking the Secrets of Business Coaching (2009) which is available from Knowledge Resources ( Coaching in South Africa is currently a service industry. To date, COMENSA’s overriding brief has been to develop the credibility of this emerging profession, aligning national […]