Public Speaking

Coaching for New Leadership

Sunny Stout-Rostron, Executive Coach, Consultant and Author, takes you through an experiential coaching and leadership session. In this dynamic and experiential session, Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron will put you through your paces to discover the leader in yourselves. As people look to their leaders worldwide for more accountability, integrity and authenticity, coaching seems to be one of the ways in which corporations are charting their way forward, pioneering a new way of working. But it requires a shift in how leaders “be” leaders, and how coaches coach leaders, and how both inspire leadership in others. Thinking about thinking. i.e. the coaching conversation, involves reflecting on and changing the reasoning behind our actions, and allowing for seeing problems and solutions in new ways – that is where new leadership  has a role to play.

During the last few years, Sunny has conducted a series of interviews to look at the impact of coaching on leadership that aimed at large-scale systemic change. What has emerged is the vital need for bold, visionary leadership to shape our future; not just the future of South Africa’s organisations and institutions, but also our increasingly complex and inter-dependent cultures and societies.

Sunny will share challenges leadership coaching faces globally − and the need for independent thinking to create societal change. She will help you to think through your own tipping points for change, tapping into your own gifts and strengths as leaders no matter what your walk of life. From her talk and her series of coaching exercises, Sunny will help you to get the best from yourself and others.

Emergent Trends in Leadership Coaching

Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron gives us an overview of how practitioners are using a coaching approach, including cutting-edge coaching methodologies, to address systemic and cultural change in business, education, and government. Sunny interviewed eminent consultants, leaders, and practitioners worldwide who are using coaching to manage and develop people, to educate leaders in their business schools, or to introduce systemic coaching interventions within their client organisations. An engaging and dynamic speaker, she will share with us how coaching is positively affecting some of the substantial organisational, economic, and political issues of our times, particularly with regard to leadership, and the common emergent themes for leadership going forward.

  • What are the challenges leadership faces globally and in South Africa?
  • The need for sustainable values and the driving force of human community;
  • Learning to learn: key drivers in the war on talent and organisational success;
  • Emergent themes for leadership success and the business of saving the world;
  • Tipping points for change;
  • Beginning to understand “Next-Level Leaders” who change the rules of the game;
  • Adaptability: the new competitive edge for leadership.

1 Response to Public Speaking

  1. Anette Tronnier says:

    Dear Sunny,
    I am currently reading your book “Leadership Coaching for Results”. I have already learned a lot about the basic knowledge of Coaching interventions and the Coaching journey. Thank you very much for your excellent introduction I will definitely need for my future work with clients.
    I have found a slight mistake in one of your graphs, I’d like to informe you about.
    I think in the Habermann/Flaherty pyramid it must be the “I-Domain” at the bottom. Currently there are two “It-Domains”
    Hope I could help?
    Kind regards
    Anette Tronnier from Germany

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