Dr. Dumisani Magadlela

Executive Coach, Coach Trainer and Leadership Development Facilitator

Dr. Dumisani Magadlela is a certified international executive coach, coach trainer and leadership development facilitator. He is trained in gestalt International Organizational Systems Development (IOSD) and uses emotional intelligence and ubuntu principles and practices to ignite human
excellence within organisations. Dumi’s training in executive coaching is based on the Integral Model, which taps into all levels of intelligence within individuals and in teams across different cultures.

Dumi has been helping organisations develop dynamic and high-performance cultures for many years, focusing on (individual and collective) leadership behaviours and values. He serves on the faculties of several coach-training and academic institutions, where he teaches coaching, leadership, culture change, and ubuntu-awareness. As an internationally certified leadership and organizational development facilitator and trainer, Dumi serves on Boards of several organizations
and businesses.

He writes regularly on coaching, leadership, emotional intelligence, social transformation and change. He has also featured on radio, television, and other media platforms discussing his favorite subjects of people development and leadership. He recently co-edited a journal on African coaching that can be accessed at Amazon: http://lnkd.in/dNU7J2s.

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