Book Launch: Transformational Coaching to Lead Culturally Diverse Teams

In this book, currently available in hard copy or as an eBook, Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron examines real-world experience and the contemporary literature on group and team coaching. She analyses how team coaching can guide coaches to help leaders and teams flourish in complex, culturally diverse organisations. As well as presenting a variety of team coaching models she also presents her own model, High-Performance Relationship Coaching, the result of many years of working with global corporate teams.

Dr Stout-Rostron illuminates how team coaches can help teams to learn from and interpret their own experiences, and to understand the complexity of the environment in which they work. Her team coaching model is explored over eight chapters, beginning with the role of the business team coach and leadership coaching processes. She evaluates how to work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how to shift culture through transformative leadership coaching, explains the depth of relationship systems coaching, and explores how to apply a variety of methods including Ubuntu coaching. The book encourages team coaches to develop deep self-awareness, team awareness, cultural diversity awareness and wider systemic and relationship awareness. Filled with practical stories and examples, it describes how to work successfully with these models in the real world.

Transformational Coaching to Lead Culturally Diverse Teams is a key guide for coaches in practice and in training, HR and L&D professionals and executives in a coaching role. This is essential reading for all team coaches.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction: Team Coaching;
  • Chapter 2: Leadership and team coaching;
  • Chapter 3: Transformative leadership coaching: Shifting culture in organisations, Deborah Williams;
  • Chapter 4: Theories, models and tools for informing the High-Performance Relationship Coaching Model;
  • Chapter 5: Diversity and culture in teams;
  • Chapter 6: The case for Ubuntu Coaching: Working with an African coaching meta-model that strengthens human connection in a fast-changing VUCA world, Dr Dumisani Magadlela,
  • Chapter 7: Relationship Systems Coaching, Creina Schneier and Anne Rød;
  • Chapter 8: The High-Performance Relationship Coaching Model;
  • Chapter 9: Final Reflections;
  • Appendix

Diarise the launch of the limited edition soft cover version of Transformational Coaching to Lead Culturally Diverse Teams in South Africa in Cape Town on Monday, 27th May 2019 and in Johannesburg on Wednesday, 29th May 2019.

By Sunny Stout-Rostron Associates

Sunny coaches at senior executive and board level in corporate organizations and educational institutions. She has a wide range of experience in leadership and management development,  business strategy and executive coaching. With over 20 years’ international  experience as an executive coach, Sunny believes that there is a strong link between emotional intelligence and business results – she works with leaders and their  teams to help them achieve individual, team and organizational goals, gaining  wisdom and knowledge through their own experience.

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